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Upcoming Shows

Hey Fans, this is the one you have wanted to see. Don't miss "The Last Action Hero" April 25th and 26th @ 9:30pm.  Sie Film Center. Tickets

Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero Poster
April 25th @ 9:30 pm
Sie Film Center
April 26th @ 9:30 pm
Sie Film Center

Come watch as The Benson Movie Interruption takes on "Mrs Doubtfire". Hands down the best movie about cross dressing, but hands down the worst movie about nannying. Tickets

"Mrs Doubtfire"
 "Mrs Doubtfire" Poster
May 11th @ 8:00 pm
Alamo Drafthouse

Mile High Sci Fi has been waiting to do this movie for years. It has everything, comets, zombies, hot eighties chicks, action and did I mention hot eighties chicks? Don't miss "Night of the Comet." Alamo drafthouse May 23rd @ 7:30pm.

"Night of the Comet"
"Night of the Comet" Poster
May 23rd @ 7:30 pm
Alamo Drafhouse

Come to Denver Comic Con June 13th , 14th and 15th. Mile High Sci FI will be there and it will be epic. Time to be announced.

Denver Comic Con
Denver Comic Con Poster
June 13th @ 12:00 am
Colorado Convention Center
June 14th @ 12:00 am
Colorado Convention Center
June 15th @ 12:00 am
Colorado Convention Center

MIle High Sci FI would like to thank all of our sponsors. If not for them this show wouldn't exsist, and we would always be sober.

December 14th @ 11:45 pm

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